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MIXTAPE 2020 Spring Special Edition

We're back, and bear with us. Listen to the start of this podcast, then go to the following link to listen to all those sick jams. Remember to come back to us here so you can hear the background behind Emily's picks!

Spotify link right....... HERE

A special thanks to Nate Kouri for his contributions, as well as your regular Banter hosts Emily, Matthew, and Calvin. We hope you enjoy, and stay safe out there.

And here are the movie the songs came from, in case you were wondering.

Close to You by the Carpenters (The Heartbreak Kid) Picked by Nate Kouri 
La Jeune Fille en Feu [The Girl on Fire] by Para One and Arthur Simonini (Portrait of a Lady on Fire) Picked by Matthew Huh 
We Can Start a Fire by John Legend (La La Land) Picked by Calvin Leslie 

Generique by Miles Davis (Burning/Elevator to the Gallows) Picked by Nate Kouri 
Wild Wild Life by The Talking Heads (True Stories) Picked by Matthew Huh 
Whiplash by Hank Levy (Whiplash) Picked by Calvin Leslie 
Kaw-Liga by Hank Williams (Moonrise Kingdom) Picked by Nate Kouri 
Soju One Glass by Jung Jae Il, Choi Woo-Shik (Parasite) Picked by Matthew Huh 
It’s Only a Paper Moon by Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra (Paper Moon) Picked by Matthew Huh 
Jyn Erso & Hope Suite by Michael Giacchino (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)  Picked by Calvin Leslie 

Isn’t it Romantic from Love Me Tonight Picked by Nate Kouri 
Doodle Let Me Go [Yaller Girls] by A.L. Lloyd (The Lighthouse) Picked by Matthew Huh 

By Myself by Fred Astaire from (The Band Wagon) Picked by Nate Kouri 
I Like Myself by Gene Kelly (It’s Always Fair Weather) Picked by Nate Kouri 
What's Up Danger by Blackway feat. Black Caviar (Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse)  Picked by Calvin Leslie 

Expectations by Belle and Sebastian (Juno) Picked by Nate Kouri 
Vale Decem by Murray Gold (Doctor Who: The End of Time) Picked by Calvin Leslie 

All I Really Wanna Do by Bob Dylan (Honey Boy) Picked by Nate Kouri 
Look on The Bright Side of Life [All Things Dull And Ugly] by Monty Python (Life of Brian) Picked by Matthew Huh 

We'll see you next semester!


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