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Diablo Cody: Jennifer's Body


Maddie Silverstein (Film Forum Committee) writes about Bijou's upcoming screening of Jennifer's Body, featuring artwork by Emily Stagman (After Hours Committee) playing March 28 at 10pm at FilmScene!

Hollow hallways permeated with a monolithic student body

are deemed insignificant until Jennifer’s enchanting figure 

floats down the stream of gazes 

from her male classmates and male audience members


When should we tell these haunting onlookers that their gazes 

are newly matched by female ones?

Gazes that oppress their male counterparts

through devilish seductions and bewitching kills

Stare too long 

and you’ll discover how hellish a teenage girl really is

Misjudged, mismarketed, and mistaken

as another unavailing teen horror flick

With scathing reviews and unruly comparisons

Ebert even exclaims that it was ‘Twilight’ for boys


Yet, the speed and willingness to criticize it

is reminiscent of how quickly

the lighter’s flames consume the tongue between

Jennifer’s glossy lips


The backwards comparisons to preceding teen horror flicks

greatly deflate what Diablo’s sophomore film 

contributes to a modern era of horror cinema,

dissolving the assault, the bruises, and the scars 

stamped onto Jennifer’s body.


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