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Bijou Banter returns in a heated episode with guest stars Spencer Williams and Eli Boonin-Vail. Featuring a discussion of Mudbound, arguments over Call Me By Your Name, and Sam & Eli's assessment of the Netflix distribution model.


"In the brief annals of mainstream queer cinema, Call Me by Your Name falls in line with Moonlight in taking a resolutely non-hysterical, non-polemical approach to homoeroticism, treating sexual encounters with a kind of unhurried, tactile sensuality. Society, as enforcer and inhibitor, plays very little part, as both stories take place outside the bounds of middle-class morality—but from different, even opposing ends of the spectrum." 

--Read Molly Haskell's Film Comment review of Call Me by Your Name and see what you think. 

Film Comment's "Reckoning with Misogyny" Podcast with Molly Haskell, briefly referenced in the episode.

Listen to this episode:

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