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Creative and critical movie writing from the Ped Mall to the moon!

Regular features on the Bijou Blog include reviews, personal and critical essays, creative work, coverage of the True/False film festival, our Youtube Cine-Club, and more! Open to the public for submissions! Submit to using the format:

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Stories We Tell

Stories We Tell is a 2012 documentary film directed by Sarah Polley and the film follows Sarah Polley as she learns about herself, her paternal father... Continue reading

Burning Down The House


We’re living in one of many adaptation-crazed times in film history: it seems that production companies have run out of new stories and are staking... Continue reading

Oscar Nomination Reactions

For the past five years now, I have been up early to watch the Oscar nominations live. Granted, I had early classes in high school, I had to be up any... Continue reading

Frances Ha

This Friday, January 20th, FilmScene will begin playing two movies featuring Greta Gerwig – Frances Ha and Jackie, both regarded with high acclaim and... Continue reading

Jackie (2016)

“The darkness may never go away” the priest says, knowingly. “But it won’t always be this heavy.”

Medicine for Melancholy

This Friday, November 18th, FilmScene will be playing what is arguably the most acclaimed movie of the year, Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight. Before Moonligh... Continue reading

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