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Bijou Banter

The Social Dilemma and Portrait of a Lady on Fire


Hopefully you aren't listening to this on your phone, because The Social Dilemma would absolutely roast you for that. Would we? That's a little more complicated (but you should definitely still listen). We talk at length about this documentary, and whether we agree with it in the slightest. Then, we talk a little about one of the best films of last year, Portrait of a Lady on Fire. We, believe it or not, disagree on this movie! Who thought that was possible.

Featuring Krystal Figueroa, Matthew Huh, Manuel Menchaca, Orson Codd, and Calvin Leslie

The views and opinions shared in this podcast do not reflect the ideals of Bijou as a whole. A guest shared some opinions that we do not agree with, but they stand by. We at Bijou stand with Black Lives Matter and recognize some of the opinions in this podcast don't align with those ideals. That being said, we feel that this guest stood behind her beliefs, and we feel we addressed them if not perfectly, at least they weren't left unchallenged. We also recognize that we don't know everything, so if there are issues with this episode, or anyone wishes for an attachment or anything else to be made to this episode to create a safer space, please let us know.

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