Bijou Open Screen is launching a new initiative this semester to screen student work at FilmScene more often throughout the semester.

Bijou Selects will pair student-created short films with Bijou programming, playing shorts before each film in our regular series.

We are now accepting films under five-minutes in length on a rolling basis to pair with Bijou films. Those wishing to submit should send an email to bijouopenscreen@gmail.comwith a subject line indicating their submission to the selects series. All submissions are subject to Bijou Open Screen's content guidelines.

We will also be selecting from our archive of past Open Screen films to pair with Bijou programming. For that reason, the films you submit can be ones you have submitted to Open Screen in the past.

We are excited to begin this new series! We greatly value local filmmakers in the Iowa City community and our new series aims to further our commitment to our creators further.