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Le Bonheur


Molly Bagnall (Executive Director) writes about Bijou's upcoming screening of LE BONHEUR, featuring her poem and artwork, playing March 3 at 6pm at FilmScene! 

An Entry from Thérèse's Diary (if things had gone differently)


Nothing ever looks brighter or

feels warmer than the first truly

nice day of spring. The sun comes out

 for the first time in months.


The sun was so bright it hurt my eyes.


It shines first in April but by

June sun beams burn themselves out.

I think I’ll see the leaves fall, but first

I’m sure I’ll have to watch my flowers die.


Unrelenting happiness is a kind of prison too,

a worm caught in an apple chewing tunnels with no escape.

Just when I think it won’t end, that the sun

will scorch, blister, bruise my skin red and purple


Clouds form, it cools,

the worm slithers out of the apple.

I take a bite. it’s almost my birthday.

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