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Promare: Flames of Empathy

In one of the most striking scenes of Promare (2019), the first feature-length film from Japanese studio Trigger, the city of Promepolis is under attack. The city’s dull gray buildings, reduced to lifeless shapes under a moon-and-starless night, have suddenly erupted into eye-burning neon fire.

Thelma and Louise

As a lesbian who aspires to be a filmmaker, I have always questioned my relationship with film.

Chungking Express

In Wong Kar Wai’s Chungking Express, the unpredictability and vastness of love are visualized through two interconnected relationships. In the first story, Cop 223 marks the expiration of his past relationship with the purchasing of pineapple cans.

Punch-Drunk Love

Paul Thomas Anderson is one of my favorite directors in the industry. Within his slightly-off characters and sweeping California landscapes is an exploration of what makes us human. Part of our experience as people is falling in love.
Collection of posters from Bijou Best of 2021

Bijou's Best of 2021

Members of the Bijou Film Board share their favorite new releases, first watches and film-related experiences of 2021. Did any of your favorites make the lists? Read on to find out...

Mixtape Archive

Hey there folks! Bijou Banter has had to, unfortunately, take down our very popular and ever so fantastic Mixtape episodes due to copyright concerns on our platforms. Shucks, we know, but we thought it would be a shame for them to go to waste.


A long, green candle burns down to a final nub and sputters in the surrounding wax. Hiss… and a smoke trail rises in curly tendrils, reaching, grasping, searching for an exit from the room. There is no exit. The sickly black smoke pools at the ceiling, poisoning the air.

Sacha Baron Cohen Fools No One With BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM (2020)

Sacha Baron Cohen could justifiably be called the comedian of the millennial generation. He’s become something of a hero for people in the age-group with his righteous pranking of stodgy politicians and bigoted americans.

BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO (Peter Strickland, 2012)

In anticipation of Bijou After Hours' upcoming virtual screening of In Fabric on the weekend of October 17th, we look back at Peter Strickland's second feature.

Occultism and Cutural Crisis: An Interview with Andrew Owens

Lee Sailor: In your class, you mentioned early filmmakers, German expressionists, I think, who were interested in occultism and the occult. I was wondering if you could elaborate on that. Like, were they worshiping the devil or something?

Andrew Owens: No, no, at least not that I'm aware of.