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True Stories

In 1984, musician David Byrne had just come off the heels of a successful collaboration with director Jonathan Demme, producing the iconic, highly energetic concert film Stop Making Sense, one of the best of the genre. Thanks to the success of that film, it seemed natural that Warner Bros.

Roger and Me

Michael Moore has always been a bit of a divisive documentarian. Many disagree with the performative aspects of his films, some say he’s too one-sided, and some qualify his films as editorials rather than documentaries.

Paper Moon

Kansas is an odd place. Maybe it’s because I grew up there, but I struggle to think of another place that I absolutely love and am immensely frustrated with in equal measures.


Harry Westergaard (After Hours Committee) writes about Bijou's upcoming screening of ALICE, February 18 at 6pm!

Lars and the Real Girl

Lars (Ryan Gosling) and his girlfriend (Bianca, a sex doll) are at a party. Someone puts on a record. Talking Heads’ “This Must Be the Place” begins to play.

Bijou Valentine's: Nude on the Moon

Our adult film screening each semester is one of my favorite events, but also the most difficult.

God Loves Uganda

Roger Ross Williams’ GOD LOVES UGANDA (2013) reveals the ties between religion, homosexuality, and law. The film discusses the effects of missionary efforts in Uganda, and how they may harm more than they may help. A discussion and analysis of evangelicalism and LGBTQ+ rights is necessary and ongoing.

Shadow of a Doubt

Nate Kouri (After Hours Committee) writes about Bijou's upcoming screening of SHADOW OF A DOUBT, playing February 8 at 10pm!

Godzilla (1954)

The hydrogen bomb test had gone wrong. It was significantly bigger than expected and resulted in widespread nuclear fallout throughout the Pacific. Fears of radioactive sea life were prevalent, and for the third time in under a decade, American nuclear weapons wreaked havoc on Japanese citizens.

The Iron Giant

Matthew Huh (After Hours Committee) writes about Bijou's upcoming screening ofTHE IRON GIANT, playing February 1 at 10pm!